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As the carriage drove off, Polly gave a little bounce on the springy seat, and laughed like a delighted child.
Why did n't she come, too?" asked Polly, trying to look demure, while her eyes danced in spite of her.
It was kind of Polly to say that, and Tom felt it; for his red crop was a tender point, and to be associated with Polly's pretty brown curls seemed to lessen its coppery glow.
So he stuck his head out of the window, and kept it there so long, that Polly asked if anything was the matter.
It 's very steep here; do you think it 's safe?" cried poor Polly, making a cocked hat of her little beaver, by thrusting it out of the half-open window on her side.
Mother would be so anxious if anything should happen to me, so far away!" cried Polly, much distressed.
Well, that isn't exactly the word I should use," rejoined Miss Polly, stiffly.
In her own room, Miss Polly took out once more the letter which she had received two days before from the far-away Western town, and which had been so unpleasant a surprise to her.
With a frown Miss Polly folded the letter and tucked it into its envelope.
Miss Polly remembered it well, though she had been but a girl of fifteen, the youngest, at the time.
Miss Polly, looking out at the far-reaching valley below, thought of the changes those twenty-five years had brought to her.
Miss Polly rose with frowning face and closely-shut lips.