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Adam, otologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1835-1920. See: Politzer bag, Politzer method, Politzer luminous cone.
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Morgan's vice president for equity research, Daniel Politzer, said Churchill Downs might sell its 336 acres at Arlington Park and focus on gambling interests elsewhere, including Rivers Casino in Des Plaines.
JPMorgan analyst Daniel Politzer estimates that an Eldorado Resorts (ERI) acquisition of Caesars Entertainment (CZR) could generate $300M in synergies, imply a valuation of $72-$80 per share, and be ~50% accretive on a free cash flow per share basis.
The Journal of International Advanced Otology has recently been owned by The European Academy of Otology and Neurotology as well as the Politzer Society.
Those who after conservative measures cannot successfully insufflate with a gentle Valsalva maneuver, preferably after Politzer insufflation, may be considered appropriate candidates for balloon eustachian tuboplasty.
Apart from the flows of goods and capital (Adebayo, 2015), however, China-Africa interaction is producing a large in- and out-flows of people, many of who engage in transnational trade (Bodomo, 2010; Politzer, 2008).
Global Otology Online Discussion Forum executed by Politzer Society & European Academy of Otology-Neurotology.
Politzer, "Asymptotic freedom: an approach to strong interactions," Physics Reports, vol.
Politzer [46] suggests a new pragmatic linguistic relevance-theoretic explanation of children's answer "more asters." The task is a difficult one [45] because it requires the child to be mastering the logic of classes but also judgments of relations (more than, less than, same as).
A lo largo del extenso arco que va del activismo antipsiquiatrico a la filosofia hermeneutica y fenomenologica, surgen criticas a lo que Georges Politzer llamo en 1928 la Gehirnmythologie, "la mitologia del cerebro".
During the '80s, when it was realised that a government institution such as the Sindhi Adabi Board couldn't play its due role, Joyo and his associates founded the Sindhi Writers' Cooperative Society under whose aegis were published 40 books, including Joyo's translation of Rousseau's The Social Contract and Georges Politzer's Elementary Principles of Philosophy.