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But that money cannot be used on political lobbying efforts such as pro-Measure 98 campaigning.
Independent agents should intensify political lobbying efforts to combat the increasing number of quick-fix measures--legislation that appears to solve immediate problems but ultimately drives companies from markets--being debated by state legislatures.
They announce the imminent end of the world while building massive megachurches and political lobbying organizations.
In awarding the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Pakistani teenager Malala Yousufzai, the youngest winner at the age of 17, and Indian children's rights activist Kailash Satyarthi, the Nobel Peace Committee demonstrated that it can rise above political lobbying by influential nations and back its own conscience.
Among their challenges will be interest group lobbying, a risk of political capture, owindfall profits, and rent-seeking,o the practice of investing in political lobbying to enhance oneAEs own wealth without creating any additional wealth.
The aspiration is for Scotland to be the best place for children to grow up in and, with this in mind, free and appropriate child care and nursery provision for all who require it should be put in place now and not used as a political lobbying tool for votes in the upcoming referendum.
The move, which comes amid intense political lobbying on energy companies over rising bills and soaring profits at a time when household wages are being squeezed, was hailed by Prime Minister David Cameron as "hugely welcome".
AN 11-year-old pupil from Princethorpe College is heading to Westminster for her first insight into political lobbying next week.
Regarding the first point, I'm not suggesting religion isn't a factor in political lobbying.
1 million on political lobbying at the state level in Massachusetts, according to an Associated Press review of records filed with the state secretary's office.
Cameron said in 2010 that political lobbying was "the next big scandal waiting to happen".
Deborah Arnott of the charity Action on Smoking and Health said: "David Cameron has called political lobbying the 'next big scandal waiting to happen'.