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(1) The process of actively supporting the cause of, speaking or writing in favour of, or defending or interceding on behalf of a person (case advocacy) or group (class advocacy). Advocacy may include providing information and tools for self-empowerment in patients’ health and social care, and helping them obtain needed services.
(2) Action to assure the best possible services for or intervention in the service system on behalf of an individual or group.
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(ad′vŏ-kă-sē) [Fr. fr. L. advocare, to call to aid]
In health care, pleading or representation for a desired goal or interest group (e.g., patients, staff, providers, or biomedical researchers).
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In the current context, that means staying out of political advocacy.
The mission of political advocacy by the Church organizations and institutions will be based on their willingness to engage the public sphere at every level.
Phelps said so far 100 Texas CUs have responded with individual names of those responsible for political advocacy.
A basic understanding of the 3 Ps (power, policy, and politics) is necessary as a foundation to the discussion of political advocacy.
Chapter three addresses the question of whether social workers are politically active and discusses the reasons for their involvement in political advocacy. Chapters four to nine are concerned with practical issues, outlining the steps in the advocacy process.
More regulation brought to bear through the usual political advocacy cannot result in systemic and system-wide change.
One would cut school spending by $4 billion, a second would increase the probationary period for new teachers from two to five years, and a third would restrict the use of union dues for political advocacy. During NEA's Representative Assembly in July, CTA members, joined by hundreds of NEA colleagues from around the country, marched to the governor's office in protest (for more, see page 16).
For five years he was executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda in New York, the largest statewide lesbian and gay political advocacy and civil rights organization in the country, the driving force behind a 2003 statewide law banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America has announced that WILLIAM FRITTS has been appointed executive vice president, responsible for oversight and coordination of PCI's federal and state political advocacy and public affairs efforts.
William Fritts has been appointed executive vice president, responsible for coordinating the association's federal and state political advocacy and public affairs efforts.
With the July/August 2004 issue the Humanist abandoned critical inquiry in favor of unbalanced political advocacy. Those who claim it's "unAmerican" to oppose the Bush administration's conduct in the war on terror are themselves unAmerican, just as those who claim it's "antiHumanist" to support Bush's efforts are themselves antiHumanist.
Another weakness of his book, considered as political advocacy rather than academic scholarship, is that it relies so heavily on FDR and the New Deal.

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