Pole Dancing

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A sensual form of exotic dancing which is performed around a fixed vertical pole. Pole dancing is a legitimate form of exercise and can be used for aerobic and anaerobic workouts
Injuries Falls, concussions, paralysis
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Sarah-Jayne has 10 years experience, and works closely alongside a committee of university students to run the Pole Dancing Academy.
"The main aim of the event is the development of pole dancing as a genre," explain the organisers, who are looking to "represent pole dancing and pole acrobatics as a new sport while facilitating the increasing popularity of a healthy lifestyle.
Lisa Darcy, partner of Warwickshire cricketer Tim |Ambrose, is expanding her pole dancing classes
Tobi-Jayne Lloyd, who runs pole dancing workshops in Abergavenny, said: "Once you start street pole dancing, you can never look at a lamp post in the same way again."
In the past, pole dancing was only associated with strip clubs but is now recognised for the fitness benefits it brings.
"Pole dancing is intertwined with the sex industry.
In the video, the 34-year-old singer is seen pole dancing in nothing but underwear.
"Then you realise she's got a secret." Getting your kit off and pole dancing in front of an audience is not for shrinking violets but sisterhood helped the cast pull through.
Set in a pole dancing class (the latest get fit craze) The Naked Truth is a brilliantly funny play about sisterhood.
But now pole dancing is being offered to children as young as 11 as the latest form of exercise.
The Peekaboo Pole Dancing kit includes an extendable pole, frilly garter, and DVD to demonstrate sexy dance moves.
As well as convincing people that pole dancing was "not just for strip clubs" but a viable form of exercise, the aim was to make it into the Guinness Book of Records for having the most people in a simultaneous pole dance.