Pole Dancing

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A sensual form of exotic dancing which is performed around a fixed vertical pole. Pole dancing is a legitimate form of exercise and can be used for aerobic and anaerobic workouts
Injuries Falls, concussions, paralysis
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Marcin said: "It takes a lot of dedication - between working full-time and teaching pole dancing as well I have no time for a personal life.
With pole dancing you don't have to depend on anyone else.
Lisa Darcy, partner of Warwickshire cricketer Tim |Ambrose, is expanding her pole dancing classes
Both started pole dancing for fitness around 18 months ago, as complete beginners, so have come a really long way with theirs performance art.
The 26-year-old first encountered the concept when she completed a pole dancing course in Bristol earlier in the year.
I'm not sure pole dancing is the best way to train for cricket, although we have done some stretching exercises together.
Several dance studios and gyms offer pole dancing classes alongside regular classes, with fitness fanatics across the region becoming passionate about pole dancing as a respectable way to stay healthy.
Crunch fitness instructor Courtney Alexander said her private pole dancing parties are much like her group fitness pole dancing classes, except with more giggling.
The South America pole dancing championship in Beunos Aries, opened up the competition to men for the very first time.
SPORTY: Helen Noteyoung POPULAR: Hayley Jobson, 22, Melissa Carlin, 25, and Sarah Cockerill at the church pole dancing class