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Orthopedics A rod and accessories for internal fixation of fractures of the proximal humerus to the distal third of the shaft
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If Polaris were to convert to corporate form, its income would be taxed at the corporate level, and investors would only be taxed on any amounts actually distributed to them.
Lastly, conversion to corporate form will simplify tax reporting, including the elimination of the requirement to distribute K-1 reports to investors, and will otherwise significantly simplify the organizational structure of Polaris resulting in substantial administrative and other savings.
Polaris said it intends to proceed promptly to finalize the conversion arrangements and implement the transaction, which it anticipates completing within six months.
What's remarkable is that the more closely we look at the nearby stars, the less normal does any of them appear," says Walker, who suggested to Dinshaw the idea of observing Polaris.
POLARIS 3 implements unique circuit techniques that improve total radiated power (TRP) performance.
POLARIS 3 incorporates internal factory calibration circuits and algorithms that speed phone calibration and improve customer end-of-line factory throughput.
Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories is available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime from the Polaris homepage at www.
In 2003 Polaris succeeded in creating and deploying the first and only software-based location system that meets FCC E911 Phase II requirements.
Allard stated, "I was attracted to Polaris because of their extraordinary 20-year track record of investing - from seed through buyout - in a wide range of industries.
Adding executive talent like Bill's to our team is a tremendous opportunity for us as well as our portfolio companies," said Jon Flint, co-founder and managing general partner for Polaris Venture Partners.
The overwhelming popularity of our latest innovations, limited-edition models and new product features really set the stage for the 2007 model year line-up," said Bennett Morgan, president and chief operating officer, Polaris Industries Inc.
After introducing six new models in 2006, Polaris will continue to lead the way with new and innovative ATV offerings for 2007.