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Abbreviation for scaffold-associated regions , under region.


Abbreviation for sarcosine.

specific absorption rate (SAR)

Etymology: L, species, form
(in hyperthermia treatment) the rate of absorption of heat energy (W) per unit mass of tissue in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).

structure-activity relationship (SAR)

the relationship between the chemical structure of a drug and its activity.


Abbreviation for:
search and rescue 
seasonal allergic rhinitis
secondary attack rate
sinoatrial rate
slowly adapting receptor
sodium adsorption ratio
specific absorption rates
standardised access ratio 
staphylococcal accessory regulator
subjective analysis return 
survival after recurrence
suspected adverse reaction
systemic anaphylactic reaction


1. Sarcoidosis.
2. Scaffold attachment region. See Matrix attachment region.
3. Sexual Attitude Reassessment.
4. Standard admissions ratio.


n bacterium belonging to the genus
Sarcina, which encourages disease, dental caries, and periodontal inflammation.
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All told, Pol Pot killed 2 to 3 million--at least 25 percent of the population--through murder, starvation, or disease.
Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk, whom the Khmer Rouge deposed, recently described Pol Pot as "one of the most horrible monsters ever created by humanity".
Pol Pot and the other Khmer Rouge leaders believed that once the Vietnamese tried to occupy the rest of the country, they would be an easy target for guerrilla warfare and would soon have to withdraw.
The Khmer Rouge's former supreme leader, Pol Pot, known as 'Brother Number One', died in his jungle hideout in 1998.
previously used by one infamous owner Pol Pot, who led the Khmer Rouge during its genocidal regime in Cambodia from 1975-1979," reads a listing on the online auction site eBay.
Journalists who were shown his body were told he had died of a heart attack and, initially were sceptical that it was in fact the body of Pol Pot, although they were subsequently convinced.
Meanwhile Sar moved up the ranks to become the leader of the resistance, changed his name to Pol Pot, and solidified the Khmer Rouge ideology.
The anguishing but rather rearguard horror of Bhopal (though, yes, it must be acknowledged that evil, like rust, never sleeps) gives way to a visit to Angkor Wat and an upsetting replay of the demonic Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.
In the past year, hundreds of former followers of Pol Pot have converted.
Delgado's film focuses on four Cambodians, including a man who was in high school when Pol Pot came into power and now works to remove land mines left over from the war.
Through the program, he is working to revive traditional music and other art forms that nearly disappeared under Pol Pot.