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Siméon Denis, French mathematician, 1781-1840.
Poisson distribution - a discontinuous distribution important in statistical work.
Poisson ratio
Poisson-Pearson formula - to determines the statistical error in calculating the endemic index of malaria.
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It was showed the effect of Poisson ratio of coating is negligible.
Based on Equation (5), the relationship between biaxial Poisson ratio [mu] and Poisson ratio [nu] can be derived in elastic range:
Intra-aneurysmal pressure gradients bloodstream flow profiles membrane displacement profiles membrane thickness and Poisson ratio could provide additional information regarding the risk of rupture.
Ledbetter, Poisson ratio of porous and micro-cracked solids, J.
All the above-mentioned models could only be applied to material with Poisson ratio smaller than 0.
This theory gives the result that Poisson ratio is inversely proportion to the Elastic Moduli, which means that Chorgali Formation is wet and have fluids, which by correlating with well interpretation can said to be as Hydrocarbons.
The femoral head is assumed to be made in Ti6Al4V and the Young's Modulus of 110GPa and poisson ratio 0.
s2] represent the upper respective the lower skin Poisson ratio.
The Poisson ratio was calculated from the initial slope of the longitudinal strain versus transverse strain.
The aim of this model is to obtain the theoretical dispersion curves for plane Rayleigh waves propagating in a horizontally layered pavement profile with known properties such as mass density ([rho]), Poisson ratio ([micro]), elastic modulus (E), shear modulus (G) and damping ratio (D) which is shown in Figure 1.