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Siméon Denis, French mathematician, 1781-1840. See: Poisson distribution, Poisson-Pearson formula.
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The Poisson and negative binomial models were compared, and the viability of their use in leaf count data of coffee seedlings was analysed.
D'autre part, il importe aussi de souligner que la qualite du poisson dans nos eaux, aussi bien blanc que bleu, draine constamment les marches de tous bords.
Using the uniform bound on [nabla][[PSI].sup.[lambda]] due to the energy inequality (1.10), the Poisson equation (1.7), the equality (2.2) and integration by parts, we get
In [1], Poisson noise is converted into Gaussian noise with unit variance using Variance Stabilization Transform (VST).
The study of a three-dimensional Hamilton-Poisson system from some standard and nonstandard Poisson geometry points of view tries to answer the following open problem formulated by Tudoran et al.
Evidently, the domain of definition of any single-valued continuous function that can be selected to approach the Poisson's ratio of this intermediate phase between fiber and matrix is the interval [[r.sub.f], [r.sub.i].
For Rosa Mundi, Antoinette Poisson's founders Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin designed a print of pink roses and whimsical blooms on a delicate green background.
Materialization of specimens possessing Poisson's ratio was implemented by performing three-axial compression with heat treatment.
The classical Poisson summation formula, which demonstrates that the sum of infinite samples in the time domain of a signal f(t) is equivalent to the sum of infinite samples of F(x) in the Fourier domain, is of importance in theories and applications of signal processing [1].
While in most cases, noise has Gaussian distribution, in biomedical images, noise is usually a combination of Poisson and Gaussian noises.