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Siméon Denis, French mathematician, 1781-1840. See: Poisson distribution, Poisson-Pearson formula.
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Les RSW (refroidissment sea water) sillonnent l'ocean avec leurs engins devastateurs et raflent toutes les especes de poisson.
This can be anything from a decoration not reflected or reflecting incorrectly in an Airmans Personnel Records Display Application to a Static Closeout Date Enlisted Performance Report updated in the Military Personnel Data System, but not filed in PRDA, Poisson said.
Bien que les resultats ne soient pas encore publies, le medecin bresilien indique, que ces peaux de poisson procurent un effet apaisant et curatif sur les lesions causees par des brulures.
23] introduced concept of biaxial Poisson ratio [mu], definition of which is the ratio of true strain along thickness [[epsilon].
Keywords: total variation, ROF model, gaussian noise, poisson noise, image processing, biomedical image, eulerlagrange equation
Recent improvements in hierarchical Bayesian modeling and specifically the improvement in simulation methods like Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) have provided the mechanisms for simple implementation of bivariate distributions such as bivariate Poisson [18].
Use of Poisson and negative binomial regression models depends on the nature of the distribution of the dependents variables [30].
The optimal parameters of the proposed plan can be determined plan for specified requirements under the conditions of gamma prior and Poisson distribution.
With odds of Ireland beating France currently at 4/6, the 19th century Poisson Theory revealed the outcome would either be very close at 18-15 to Ireland, or 26-18 if Ireland manage to break away during battle for first in the pool.
France's Le Figaro quoted Poisson as saying that "The key to the Middle East is in Damascus," with the deputy saying that France lost its position and influence in the region due to its policies towards Syria, urging the French President and Foreign Minister to "wake up.
MILLIONAIRE Andre Poisson arrived at the Hotel Crillon, Paris, full of the joys of spring.
As a result, it was found that the impulses occurred as a Poisson flow with deterministic distribution, which is shown in Table II.