Poiseuille, Jean Leonard Marie

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Jean Léonard Marie, French physiologist and physicist, 1797-1869.
poise - the unit of viscosity equal to 1 dyne-second per square centimeter and to 0.1 pascal-second.
Poiseuille equation
Poiseuille law - describes the volume flow rate of a liquid through a tube.
Poiseuille space - Synonym(s): still layer
Poiseuille viscosity coefficient - an expression of the viscosity as determined by the capillary tube method.
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For this mold, we now know that the pressure drop to use in the Hagen Poiseuille equation is 19,430 psi, and this allows us to calculate the plastic's viscosity.
At extremely low-flow Reynolds numbers, airflow velocities are linearly related to static pressure differences (e.g., as modeled by the classic Hagen Poiseuille equation [Bird et al.
However, this pressure drop can be easily determined by the Poiseuille equation