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Jean Léonard Marie, French physiologist and physicist, 1799-1869. See: poise, Poiseuille viscosity coefficient, Poiseuille law, Poiseuille space.
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The four basic transport mechanisms across porous membranes are known as Poiseuille flow, Knudsen diffusion, surface diffusion and capillary condensation [7, 11].
Since the nose--nasopharynx region is not a tube and has a wider diameter than the trachea, it does not offer resistance as envisaged by the Poiseuille's equation.
1, a RBC at a specific distance from the entrance of microchannel is in the poiseuille flow, stenosis of microchannel in this problem has curved shape which help the problem to be real.
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The elastic RBCs were placed asymmetrically in a Poiseuille shear flow near the wall of the channel.
By applying Darcy's and Poiseuille's Laws, a relationship between porosity and permeability can be derived as the following equation:
Poiseuille's law shows the enormous influence of the vessel diameter on the rate of blood flow rate (Q = ([DELTA][Pr.sup.4]/[eta]L8)) [31], where Q is the flow rate ([cm.sup.3]/sec), P is the pressure (mmHg), r is the radius of the vessel (m), [eta] is the viscosity of blood (Pa*s), and L is the length of the vessel (cm).
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