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Jean Léonard Marie, French physiologist and physicist, 1799-1869. See: poise, Poiseuille viscosity coefficient, Poiseuille law, Poiseuille space.
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Shear](x) between developing flow and Poiseuille flow [23]; i.
Couette and Poiseuille flows of an Oldroyd 6-constant fluid with magnetic field in a channel was investigated by Hayat et al.
p] centerlines streamwise velocity of the laminar Poiseuille flow
3) The Hagen Poiseuille law Equation above is completely analogous to Ohm's law, [increment of]V = RI, relating the electrical current I through a wire with the electrical resistance R of the wire and the electrical potential drop [increment of]V along the wire.
Pressure drop data are also used to check the stability of flow through the channel, according to Hagen (6) and Poiseuille (7).
Influence of wall elasticity and Poiseuille flow on peristaltic induced flow of a particle-fluid mixture.
The Poiseuille law of the incompressible viscous flow is usually considered and the hydraulic resistance of a single conducting element (both tracheids and vessels) is calculated as [Z.
Rajasekhara [8] has performed the experiments to study the laminar flow characteristics in a composite channel considering Poiseuille flow, Couette flow and free surface flow.
Transition to Turbulence in Plane Poiseuille and Plane Couette Flow.
13], the gas transport through the asymmetric membrane was not only dominated by solution diffusion but was also controlled by the combination of Knudsen and Poiseuille mechanism, depending on membrane pore size.
2]/2[mu](-dp/dy) is the centerline velocity for imporous or poiseuille.