Poetry Therapy

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The use of poetry and other written expression in a group setting, to help patients work together to understand, and hopefully resolve, issues and conflicts of mutual interest
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Poetry therapy reduces the anxiety of patients with MI and may improve their symptoms.
Poetry therapy as a tool for strengths-based practice.
In America, the Centre for Poetry Therapy and the Centre for Journal Therapy are long-established, while in Britain, Survivors Poetry and the National Network for Art in Health are trying to raise the profile of writing in health.
Rodriguez is a recipient of an Hispanic Heritage Award in Literature, a Lila Wallace--Reader's Digest Writers Award, a Lannan Fellowship for Poetry, and a Public Service Award from the National Association of Poetry Therapy. He is also founder/director of Tia Chucha Press, the publishing wing of Chicago's Guild Complex.
For example, members of various mental health occupations practice poetry therapy. These therapists might start a group therapy session by reading aloud a poem.
In this resource for creative arts therapy students, mental health professionals, and anyone else interested in the healing possibilities of creative expression, Chavis, a licensed psychologist and a certified poetry therapist, explores the therapeutic possibilities of poetry and stories, describes how to facilitate poetry therapy sessions, and provides suggestions for personal writing activities.