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College students are now able to access lectures and listen to them anytime and anywhere, and universities are making some events and lectures free to the public via podcasting.
In addition, the real learning occurs in the preproduction phase of podcasting.
From the Declaration of Independence to the Federalist Papers, many Podcasting sites, such as Americana Phonic, are sharing audio recordings of primary source documents as well as classic works of fiction.
To get some idea of what art students can do with podcasting, check out the podcasts created by Advanced Placement Art History students from two Washington, DC area high schools who were assigned to research a work exhibited at the Renwick Gallery of American Craft and then produce a podcast about the piece (eyelevel.
But the arrival of podcasting and its Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed means that you no longer have to go to the Web to get newly posted MP3 files or to download them to an MP3 player.
Less than a year after podcasting was invented, I was selling out workshops full of teachers excited by the possibility of students developing oral narrative skills and communicating beyond classroom walls.
The first two issues will include information on: bloggers adoption of podcasting, podcasting as marketing, podcasting in the UK, corporate use of podcasting, music, production advice, copyright and other legal issues, attracting listeners, establishing a format, podcast service providers, and best practices in podcasting.
The marriage between public radio and podcasting couldn't have been scripted more perfectly: Much of NPR's content is essentially ready-made for podcasting, and listeners were literally begging for podcast versions of shows months before they were available.
As for demand, where broadcasting is governed by the "push" model, podcasting uses the "pull" model--that is, subscription.
With regards to podcasting, some consumers might be interested in certain podcast content, yet they may lack the ability, knowledge, or desire to access this content.