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A person who is indifferent or seemingly uncaring about his/her life and actions
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The author follows closely on Pococurante's maverick approach to that which is deemed sacrosanct when he asks a number of exuberantly impudent questions: why is the Christian Scripture insensitive when it comes to women's rights; why isn't Judas honored in Christianity when his role was an integral part of the crucifixion and the salvation equation; why is sexual desire condemned; why is negative reinforcement in the form of punishment necessary in the combat against sinfulness?
Pangloss can explain everything, Pococurante cares little, and so on.
The more cynical qualities of Italian men are declared in their own language (Pococurante) or through obvious bilingual joking (Poignardini in Scarmentado, Faquinetti in Amabed).