Pocket Shot

A street term for the injection of heroin, cocaine, or other substance(s) of abuse into the ‘pocket’ in the neck lateral to the sternocleidomastoid muscle and above the clavicle in an attempt to directly inject the internal jugular vein
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Choi didn't have a good start and then he had a perfect pocket shot only to see pins 7 and 10 standing," said 23-year-old Incheon masters and team champion Park.
Farloe Pocket shot into a first bend lead, with Rhincrew Shergar giving chase followed by Buy The Rumour.
Stephen Bourke's ex-English tracker Farloe Pocket shot around the opening bend melee to enjoy a huge lead into the far side and Albert Draper's dog raced on to win by nine-and-a half lengths from Rock Hill in 28.
Biofitt also plans to launch a new packaging method Pocket Shots (Sachets) which eases the problems of carrying and disposing of bulky, round, plastic bottles.
If done well, these tips will not only prevent you from getting stuck behind the eight-ball, they'll help you sink many more pocket shots.
Many of these are captured in the stories that follow, enabling Editorial Director David Myron to collect five "time-tested tips" for CRM success in his Front Office column, "15 Years of Pocket Shots and Miscues" (page 4).