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A gene that may act as a master switch for cancer, and is regarded as central to cancer development. Pokemon stands for POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor, most likely a backronym.
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Find all your Kanto region Pocket Monsters from Pokemon Go in the Go Park.
The free Pokemon Go app uses GPS on smartphones to let players "catch" Pokemon - or pocket monsters - in real life locations.
Two masked men carrying a rifle held up the couple who had gone to the park in the small town Wednesday night to search for virtual "pocket monsters".
Now, the technology has made the inevitable migration to smartphones, on which millions of people can spot digitally painted-in pokemon (literally, "pocket monsters" in Japanese) in their real-world surroundings, and attempt to "capture" them.
Sales of "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," known as "Pocket Monsters X" and "Pocket Monsters Y" in Japan, reached 2.10 million units nationwide including downloads, surpassing the previous one-week sales record for game titles released for the handheld device, Enterbrain said.
The phrase pocket monsters is the derivation of which Nintendo video game?
Pokemon - Starting out as a computer game, the Japanese creatures with magical powers landed a cartoon series before trading cards featuring the pocket monsters swept through the playgrounds of the UK..
Over the weekend, the public will be treated to variety shows featuring popular voice actors, as well as performances by people dressed as cartoon characters such as Pokemon (Pocket Monsters).
In the Pokemon trading card game the goal is to collect hundreds of different "pocket monsters" with varying abilities.
Which made me think that Boy Crazy - the Adult Version or maybe a range of PokeMAN cards (pocket men rather than pocket monsters) could be a huge hit with all those dissatisfied single Bridget Jones/Ally McBeal types.
Pokmon, short for Pocket Monsters, began life as a computer game four years ago in Japan.
Since last October when they invaded mainland Britain, these little 'pocket monsters' have become one of the biggest marketing monsters ever to clamp unsuspecting mummies and daddies in their vicious jaws.