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power of attorney



A legal document by which a person identifies someone to make financial decisions if he or she is unable to perform this task independently.
See: power of attorney, durable, for health care


genus of grasses in family Poaceae. Contains many very productive fodder grasses including the bluegrasses, e.g. Canadian, Kentucky.

Poa aquatica
Poa hueca
South American grass; contains an indole alkaloid which causes incoordination and convulsions.
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Ijaz said that a letter had been issued to General (rtd) Akram Sahi asking him to give back the control of Olympic House in Lahore to Arif Hasan-led POA.
A principal is prohibited from appointing co-agents in a SSF POA for property or health care, but the new Act institutes provisions governing situations where co-agents are appointed in nonstatutory POAs for property only.
We also found small negative correlations of these species with organic acids and small positive correlations with WSOC, suggesting that POA and SOA concentrations are relatively independent of each other at the study sites.
We captured 72 individual Sooty-capped Bush Tanagers; 24 at Cerro de la Muerte (Estacion Biologica Cerro de la Muerte), 11 at Irazu, 18 at Barva, 10 at Poas, and nine at Monteverde.
or taking those steps necessary to ensure that the person with a disability or other special need qualifies for needs-based government benefits (such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid), "can be effectuated with much more certainty with durable POAs than with guardianships.
General POAs treat multiple property rights, including the buying, selling, mortgaging, shipping or leasing of property.
The situation improved in mid-2002 following the introduction of POAS, which many hoped could bring about the advent of better accountability.
It is the second biggest petroleum retailer in the country next to POAS.
Rehabilitation counselors are uniquely trained and qualified to serve as managers of POAs, DPOAs, and HPOAs and, as this field is still in the incubation stage, counselors can mold their practice to suit their individual interest.
Among the measures addressed by POAs are round-the-clock notification abilities, CCTV installation, hotline and tip reward programs, the discussion of theft in meetings, commitments to attend roundtable discussion sessions on theft, and spot checks of employees and cargo shipments.
Any of the poas, stipas and danthonias are worthwhile grasses and carex, lomandra and gahnia are good strappy plants or sedges.
Defence spending priorities may well cause more Typhoons to be purchased to replace Tornados in some squadrons before the POAS is chosen.