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power of attorney



A legal document by which a person identifies someone to make financial decisions if he or she is unable to perform this task independently.
See: power of attorney, durable, for health care


genus of grasses in family Poaceae. Contains many very productive fodder grasses including the bluegrasses, e.g. Canadian, Kentucky.

Poa aquatica
Poa hueca
South American grass; contains an indole alkaloid which causes incoordination and convulsions.
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For removal of overreporting, we changed conditions coded as POA to not POA with a probability defined for dataset i, each hospital j, and each condition kas:
Education and clinical training could be achieved under the auspices of POA services, including the psychiatry registrar and advanced trainee programmes.
Table 1: Some physical properties of polyurethaneurea (PUU) aqueous dispersions consisting of different POA contents Sample POA content (wt%) Particle size (nm) Poiydispersity index NPU 0 52 0.
Idris Haider said the POA had submitted a budget of Rs 7.
Yesterday the POA called for all glass jars and containers to be immediately taken from the possession of inmates.
Mr Moses, national chairman of the POA, called on the Prison Service to issue stab vests to his members.
Present on Admission appears in its second updated edition to provide the basics of POA assignment, from concerns from the new regulations and the new requirement to provide hospital-acquired condition payment on all Medicare claims to coding and quality assurance.
A POA statement said: "Unfortunately since that time POA members at HMP Liverpool have been subjected to what they describe as 'continued bullying and harassment' by the senior management.
The POA said both the governor of the category B jail, Alan Brown, and a deputy governor were "heavily criticised" by the tribunal chairman.
Poa genotypes and interspecies hybrids (Tables 1 and 2) were maintained in the greenhouse and cultured in plastic pots (15.