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power of attorney



A legal document by which a person identifies someone to make financial decisions if he or she is unable to perform this task independently.
See: power of attorney, durable, for health care


genus of grasses in family Poaceae. Contains many very productive fodder grasses including the bluegrasses, e.g. Canadian, Kentucky.

Poa aquatica
Poa hueca
South American grass; contains an indole alkaloid which causes incoordination and convulsions.
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The UPOAA makes it clear that the State retains the ability to impose civil and criminal sanctions against perpetrators of POA abuse.
According to the FTB, 50 percent of POA declarations submitted are rejected.
Additionally, if the principal desires to have the agent make gifts on her behalf--for example, as part of an estate, tax, or Medicaid plan--the principal must initial that authority within the POA and attach a separate document called a statutory gifts rider (SGR).
As to the first part of this requirement, that the foreign POA and its execution complies with the laws of the state of execution, New York offers its citizens the option of using a statutory POA (a state-recognized POA form provided in statute), which may be comprised of up to two separate instruments.
In 2011, police determined that the tender put out by POA was highly circumspect, as the person who evaluated the bids for POA was found to be the son of a consultant working for the successful bidder, Agropromotion Sprl.
Model 2 uses the same base Model 1 but incorporates a POA indicator from the PDD that is intended to distinguish chronic conditions from acute complications.
What determines if someone has the capacity to designate a POA is a legal matter, and unless Dr.
Did you know the neighborhood POA is fourth in line among creditors with claims on the 6,300-SF residence?
Since then, I have spent the majority of my working life as a registered nurse (RN) in psychiatry of old age (POA) environments in Christchurch, and the last three years as a nurse practitioner (NP) in POA at Princess Margaret and Christchurch hospitals, and Ashburton Hospital and district.
UPDATED FOR FY 2011 ICD-9-CM and POA Coding Mentor: A Learning Tool for Interprating Health Records, With Answer Key Patricia L.