Pneumocystis carinii

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Pneumocystis carinii

former name for Pneumocystis jiroveci (q.v.).

Pneumocystis carinii

Pneumocystosis Infectious disease An opportunistic 'bug' causing pneumonia–PCP in immunocompromised hosts–eg, with AIDS, leukemia, lymphoma, organ transplants, corticosteroid therapy, cytotoxic drugs, the elderly Diagnosis GMS staining of tissues; P carinii also causes otic infection and choroiditis Prophylaxis In advanced HIV infection, aerosolized pentamidine, T-S, and high-dose dapsone are equally effective; the latter 2 are superior in Pts with < 100 CD4+/mm3 Treatment T-S, manipulation of inflammatory response, and immune enhancement pentamidine, atovaquone, trimetrexate glucuronate

Pneu·mo·cys·tis ca·rin·i·i

(PC) (nū-mō-siśtis kă-rī-nē-ī)
Former name for Pneumocystis jiroveci (q.v.).


a genus of organisms of uncertain status, but considered to be protozoa.

Pneumocystis carinii
the causative agent of interstitial plasma cell pneumonia in humans and immunocompromised Arab foals and dogs.
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