pneumatic tube

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pneu·mat·ic tube

(nū-mat'ik tūb)
A unidirectional, continuously operating vacuum system that transfers specimens in plastic carriers from patients to the laboratory.
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Which would be neat as long as the pneumatic tube didn't malfunction and pebble dash the kitchen with vindaloo.
Because of these studies, one can anticipate the availability in the near future of a product that enables the monitoring of environmental factors in pneumatic tubes so that they can be adjusted to subthreshold values for the sample stressors.
From on-line (notice the term) marriages to telegraphic crime and crime-stopping, from telegraphic verse to elite societies of eccentric operators, Standage describes a cultural history largely vanished but for rare traces: Telegraph Hill, or the metaphorical use of the verb "to telegraph." As the telegraph expanded and imperfections appeared--largely the result of what we see on the Internet as network congestion--the pneumatic tube was invented to complement the wire with rapid short-range information transmission.
Air jets remove tramp metal from materials on conveyors, in pneumatic tubes, or free-falling stream.
This hospital lab found that the new generation of pneumatic tubes is a fast, reliable way to get Stat specimens to the lab.
Pneumatic tubes - Meters (m) of pneumatic tube for traffic gauging compatible with the gauging equipment (together with the necessary material for its installation: elements of anchoring of the tube at both ends, plugs for the end of the hose that is not connected to the apparatus and adhesive tape to fix the hose to the road)
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Announcement of competition: Inland Hospital, division medical service invites prequalification to participate in konkkuransepreget dialogue on procurement of laboratory automation solution, middleware solution, instruments and pneumatic tubes.
Tenders are invited for Poly Urethane Pneumatic Tubes
Tenders are invited for Supply of Poly urethane pneumatic tubes