pneumatic tube

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pneu·mat·ic tube

(nū-mat'ik tūb)
A unidirectional, continuously operating vacuum system that transfers specimens in plastic carriers from patients to the laboratory.
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Which would be neat as long as the pneumatic tube didn't malfunction and pebble dash the kitchen with vindaloo.
Although an effect of sample transportation via pneumatic tubes on blood gas concentrations has previously been demonstrated (8), this finding was not replicated in the study of Streichert et al.
Some of the nation's largest, most renowned hospitals use pneumatic tubes, including Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General and UCLA Medical Center.
The Victorian Internet offers a stream of such cultural incidents, from the nightmarish struggles to wire the Atlantic to the problems of sending cats through pneumatic tubes.
Way off: The use of pneumatic tubes over electronic mail; the rise of Big Brother over ``little brother'' (personal video cameras, etc).
Time slows down on the first floor where Dr Swatch provides new parts and explanations about their workings on videos installed among the pneumatic tubes.
Its maintenance services include ATM hardware and software repair, installation and upgrades, as well as maintenance of vaults, pneumatic tubes, alarm systems and other banking equipment.
Tenders are invited for Pneumatic Tubes And Fittings
Air jets remove tramp metal from materials on conveyors, in pneumatic tubes, or free-falling stream.
Other executives also participated in the locker-room environment, the women say, engaging in such acts as whisking condoms to female workers through pneumatic tubes.
This hospital lab found that the new generation of pneumatic tubes is a fast, reliable way to get Stat specimens to the lab.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pneumatic tubes & fittings