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Belkin Powerline Adapters Are Easily Transformed for Either Wall Plug or Desktop Use and Include Plug Adapters for Various World Geographies
Digi-Key is also stocking Free2move's widely used serial port plug adapter that provides plug-and-play serial connections between devices.
They are available in a silver finish and come with a dual plug adapter (for some airline in-flight entertainment systems), a 1/4" home stereo adapter, a five-foot extension cord, carrying case, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charger.
SF Cable, a California-based firm that sells cables, accessories and components have come up with an array of international power plug adapters including IEC and NEMA plug adapters.
The Camera Quark comes with a plastic case, camera lens adapter, two focus-extension tubes, a Quark-to-1 1/4-inch eyepiece adapter, and an AC power supply with international plug adapters.
Apple has announced it is recalling AC wall plug adapters designed for use in certain parts of the world over a fear that the pins may break and cause an electric shock.
While 3% have forgotten to pack underwear, 14% have gone away without plug adapters, 12% without sunglasses and 12% without phone chargers.
Fourteen per cent leave behind plug adapters and 12 per cent forget their phone charger.
It weighs less than 2 ounces and can charge from 110 volts to 240 volts; optional wall plug adapters let you use the Callpod worldwide.
The officers are urging people to check the simple things, such as cube plug adapters which pose a danger if overloaded, and that appliances are turned off at night - but most of all not to be afraid to pick up the phone and give them a ring.
The package, available for $599, contains two GhostBridge wireless Ethernet bridges (a base station and a node), two AC PoE adapters with power cords, two DC PoE adapters with barrel plug adapters, four heavy-duty cable ties to secure the units and a quick-start guide.