Pluggy Appearance

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A popular term for the unnatural appearance of larger hair grafts which were typical of the early days (1970s) of hair transplantation, as part of the so-called scalp-lifting procedure, in which 4–5-m punch grafts were used to cover excessively large bald patches, resulting in a 'pluggy' appearance fancifully likened to the hair on inexpensive plastic dolls; such grafts are separated by hairless ‘valleys’ imparting a patchy or ‘checkerboard appearance
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Hey, I still don't know what a butt plug looks like.
If the spark plug looks worn down or is more than a year old, replace it with a new one.
That's what a trolled plug looks like, especially when you rip the rod 911 the pass.
As shown in the illustrations here, a massive electrode plug looks just like the name implies: two (usually) huge outer electrodes surrounding a center electrode provide an air gap across which the spark travels to ignite the fuel/air mixture.