Playing God

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Ethics A popular term for the usurping by physicians—or by the health care system—the role of a higher power or God—e.g., rationing limited medical resources in underserved areas or underinsured populations, deciding who is entitled to a limited number of organs for transplantation, or terminating life support in the terminally ill or in a persistent vegetative state
Genetics A popular term for the ethical issues regarding manipulation of the human genome and whether gene therapy usurps God’s omnipotence
Medspeak A generic term for the role that doctors, especially surgeons, play in saving lives
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The second meaning of playing God has to do with the practical wielding of "power over life and death" (Peters 1997: 10).
President's Commission on genetic engineering submitted its report in 1982, it noted that there was an objection from religious groups that scientists were playing God in their recombinant DNA (rDNA) research.
Cardiff Chief Superintendent Jeff Cooksley said: ``As a direct result of the media hype surrounding this issue, I have no doubt that playing God Save The Queen is likely to attract jeers and heckling from certain sections of the crowd.
I WAS very offended and angry at offhand and casual remarks such as "body part donors" in Mr G B Butler's letter Playing God (18.
IF you enjoyed Jim Carrey playing god in Bruce Almighty, then you might like this movie, written by the same people.
MY show with Andy Gray playing God has not quite hit the same headlines as Jerry Springer, The Opera but the punters are enjoying it all the same.
The family of Terry Schiavo started playing God when they first put the feeding tube in her body.
Among the subjects on which he will be called to deliver his views are our obsession with the rights of the individual, playing God in science, and the loss of childhood.
Instead of accusing him of playing God we should be thanking the Almighty for people like him.
The authors point out that a spectrum of views exist on playing God.
Ten years ago, in his book Playing God in Yellowstone, Alston Chase took on two supposed shining lights in American life: the National Park Service and the environmental movement.
Justice is one thing, playing God is quite another.