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Greek philosopher, 427-347 B.C.
platonic love - a love in which there is no sexual desire.
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Roughly 70 percent of students exposed to the platonic love symbol - the hearts - clicked on a healthy snack, such as an apple or a box of raisins, while only 49 percent of students exposed to the kisses chose a healthy snack.
The Rivall Friends reveals, then, that a crisis has always already existed at the conceptual heart of perfect friendship, but that this crisis is easier to perceive when the discourse is read alongside that of Platonic love and within the context of a tradition of cynical university plays that emphasize the lack of fit between the ideal world of philosophy and the actual world of the scholar's lived experience.
There is an additional criticism frequently raised against Platonic love, which the foregoing reflections put us in a fruitful position to consider, even if a final response will turn out to elude us.
For the most part, Starsky & Hutch is hugely entertaining and the decision to play the cops' relationship as a platonic love story between two straight men is an amusing twist.
It is time to start believing them instead of continuing to see them in the light of nothing more than practitioners of platonic love.
The platonic love between the much older civil servant and diarist and the young maid of honour at the Court of Charles II ended with Margaret's early death not long after she married.
The narration begins with the platonic love Isma has for a young journalist, "the Beloved.
The letters evoke a mutual, platonic love, one that was tempered by honesty ("I shouldn't wonder if you are pretty nearly through with poetry," Van Vechten writes at one point, criticizing a manuscript of Hughes' verse).
This is the man with whom I have been having a platonic love affair -- and I do mean Plato-nic: an affair of the mind, of ideas; a fixation on the "how" and the "what" of who he is in the business world.
This is a saga about how the country and the city, where the army doctor has acquired a new girlfriend based on platonic love, can conspire to perpetuate dull misery.
But her life is to be forever linked to Tao Chi'en through a close friendship that develops into platonic love on his part.