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Greek philosopher, 427-347 B.C.
platonic love - a love in which there is no sexual desire.
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The difficulties of distinguishing what is early from what is late in Pater's work are illustrated by a passage of some 370 words that appears both in the periodical version of chapter IV of Gaston de Latour and in chapter VII of Plato and Platonism. In both occurrences the passage represents Montaigne's skepticism as a phenomenon characteristic of the modern age, but in Plato and Platonism it is also associated with the skeptical tendencies of Plato's thought.
The two principal projects of Pater's late period were the lecture series Plato and Platonism and the unfinished historical fiction Gaston de Latour.
Further, in her discussion of Plato and Platonism, Williams imagines Pater, not a composite voice now, standing "at the end of the line," taking a"synoptic view" of the whole of Plato's dialogues and life in general as if he saw merely various pieces of a great spiritual whole.