plastic deformation

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1. deformity, especially an alteration in shape or structure.
2. the process of adapting in shape or form.
elastic deformation temporary elongation of tissue when a prolonged force has been applied. See also creep.
plastic deformation permanent elongation of tissue when a prolonged nondisruptive mechanical force has been applied. See also creep.

plastic deformation,

n any irreversible deformation of tissues.
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The tests performed show that the energy of the shock wave acting on a spatial system of plates (reference barrier) is absorbed by elastic and plastic deformations of the lower and upper plates, resulting in a large total deformation of the system.
It is not only the shielding effect of surface films, the effect of which is well known [5], and the plastic deformation of the contact surfaces.
Some studies of plastic deformations have recently emerged, including some dealing with nanoindentations in semiconductor materials, more specifically, InP (HUANG et al.
This is a characteristic feature according to phenomenological visualisation of the cutting process with regard to plastic deformation and metal fracture in the chip formation zone.
SEM images indicate that after two passes the pearlite is severely distorted due to the imposition of a very high deformation; this is probably because in severe plastic deformation processes the high deformation imposed causes a substantial proportion of pearlitic cementite to be dissolved at room temperature (Hong et al.
It is further used to explain the emergence of plastic deformations in the shakedown process (Fig.
Due to the fact that the MTS tensile test machine secures a specimen by using a hydraulically operated grip, there was noise associated with the plastic deformation between the specimen and the grip.
Plastic deformation can improve properties, especially strength.
Knowing both the distribution and intensity of limit plastic deformation defined by forming limiting curves allows better utilisation of material properties at car's body production as well as crash tests.
Into the family of integrals of energy it is deduce with help of the integrals hereditary and the trace of the plastic deformation tensor, two integral transform in the spectral study of the quasi-relaxation including the poles of quasi-relaxation functions, and the phases of the material in the meta-stability process of the material, for example the spectra before of the enter of meta-stability conditions or after of this state.