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The baton gun which fired a single plastic bullet was used for the first time in the force area to arrest Mr Loan.
Officers said a plastic bullet - technically called a baton round - was fired after attempts to make the man drop his weapons failed.
Police initially tried to disarm him using CS gas, but after he became even more aggressive a plastic bullet was fired.
ISLAMABAD -- In occupied Kashmir, after failing to suppress the Kashmiris' ongoing freedom movement with bullets, pellets and teargas and PAVA shells, Indian police will now use plastic bullets for crowd dispersal in the territory.
POLICE took down a woman with a plastic bullet during a dramatic stand-off at a tourist attraction.
Some people reacted to the municipal police claiming that they resorted to plastic bullet during the supervision.
At least one plastic bullet was fired and water cannons have been deployed.
NORTHERN Ireland Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mairead Corrigan, hit out at Israeli authorities last night as she recovered from being hit by a plastic bullet.
Supporting riot control weapons is controversial, but if you're out tossing petrol bombs then you flipping deserve a good thwack with a plastic bullet.
THEmanwho became the first person on mainland Britain to be shot by police with a plastic bullet was yesterday charged with making threats to kill.
A plastic bullet hit the rear window of the car, but the two were unharmed, the union added.
Nihat Kazanhan was allegedly shot in the head with a five-centimeter plastic bullet by police officer Hayri Vural, who was arrested by a court late on Jan.