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Plastazote ®

Orthopedics A cross-linked polyethylene block foam used to create orthopedic prosthetics. See Prosthetics.
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The cost, buying the materials in small quantities, is around [pounds sterling]120 Plastazote is used in the container packing industry to protect sensitive equipment--so it might be possible to find a source to recycle into a boat.
found that 75% of subjects with ulcers who used canvas shoes had no ulcer at the end of the study, while no significant change was recorded for subjects who wore bespoke molded plastazote sandals.
Bennett recommends shoes made of materials that decrease the shock to the lower leg, citing Plastazote as the most effective material to use.
Plastazote, a trademarked name and the polyethylene foam of choice for many, is able to customize to a patient's foot within a day.
The upper surface of the insole is Plastazote [R] 1.