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Plastazote ®

Orthopedics A cross-linked polyethylene block foam used to create orthopedic prosthetics. See Prosthetics.
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The cost, buying the materials in small quantities, is around [pounds sterling]120 Plastazote is used in the container packing industry to protect sensitive equipment--so it might be possible to find a source to recycle into a boat.
Plastazote, a trademarked name and the polyethylene foam of choice for many, is able to customize to a patient's foot within a day.
The upper surface of the insole is Plastazote [R] 1.
The outer shield was made of semi-flexible 3-mm-thick high-density polyethylene and the inner, energy-absorbing part of 12-mm-thick Plastazote (Fagerdala World Foams, Termonova Inc.
First of all you put some snail-shaped cork or Plastazote on the hook, tapering it towards the rear.