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Extension of the ankle, pointing of the foot and toes.
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Eleve, or demi-pointe, is a fundamental dance movement consisting of maximum available ankle plantarflexion (PF) range-of-motion (ROM).
Tokyo, Japan) was used to produce cycles at 10[degrees]/s with the ankle moving from plantarflexion to 80% of maximum dorsiflexion.
Hip extension and ankle plantarflexion significantly decreased.
Compensations include over pronation or 1st ray plantarflexion to allow the medial forefoot to contact the ground.
Inclinometers for measuring ankle ROM, specifically ankle dorsiflexion (10) have shown to be reliable, and functional plantarflexion has been shown to be best quantified using an inclinometer on the dorsum of the foot in modern dancers (11).
Coaches should guide their players to displace their leg with higher ankle plantarflexion, especially before ball impact and with a greater travel of the knee joint in order to add velocity to the other joints and finally to the ball.
When the patient is supine, again note if the arch is present and check the degree of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.
Ankle dorsiflexion for heel contact, plantarflexion to foot flat, dorsiflexion as body mass progresses forward over the foot, pre-swing ankle plantarflexion for push-off
Para ello se comienza con una exploracion en decubito supino en la cual mediante diferentes maniobras detectamos una plantarflexion de la segunda y tercera cabezas metatarsales.
Three-dimensional deformation and transverse rotation of the human free Achilles tendon in vivo during isometric plantarflexion contraction.
sup][11] The strength of the following 14 muscle groups were examined: neck flexion, neck extensor, deltoid, biceps, triceps, iliopsoas, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps femoris, wrist flexion, wrist extension, ankle dorsiflexion, and ankle plantarflexion.