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plant hormone

any of several chemical substances produced in very low concentrations in plants, that control growth and development. They are now usually called growth substances. Plant HORMONES are produced in active MERISTEMS (e.g. root and shoot apices) from where they diffuse to other parts of the plant. A distinct contrast with animal hormonal systems is the fact that plants do not possess specific tissues for hormone production, nor a well-defined distribution system equivalent to the blood system.

Plant hormones are classified generally into several groups, discussed under separate headings: ABSCISSIC ACID, AUXINS, CYTOKININS and GIBBERELLINS.

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At the practical agricultural level, ABA analogs have many applications as plant growth regulators for improving crop productivity.
Environmental Protection Agency has granted registration approval for PoMaxa(TM) Plant Growth Regulator (PGR).
With a focus on developing more environmentally-friendly solutions, it works actively to support customers in optimizing the bio-availability of foliar fertilizers, increasing the effectiveness of agrochemicals, boosting plant growth regulators for better crop growth and improving bio-herbicides.
Higher number of bolls per plant from Bt cotton cultivar with the application of plant growth regulators at 45 and 90 days after blooming might be due to higher number of squares and flowers, depending on the increased photosynthetic activity (Sawan et al.
Plant growth regulators are synthetic compounds that normally bind to receptors in plant cells, triggering a range of cellular changes and consequently affecting initiation or modification of tissues and organs (Taiz & Zeiger, 2010).
Plant growth stages were allotted to main plot and plant growth regulators assigned to sub plot.
Statistical Analysis: There were four factors viz-a-viz varieties, stages, plant growth regulators and mode of applications.
However, the final test states that harvested yields and crop quality must be enhanced for plant growth regulators to be profitable.
Studying of other plant growth regulators and also auxin with different dosages in other growth stage, in other location is suggested.
1 gl-1), polyvinylpyrrolidone (3 g-1) and plant growth regulators was adjusted to pH 5.
The mean aim of this experiment was to assess the effect of some plant growth regulators treatments i.

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