A term of art referring to a low-resolution digital image in which the pixels are obvious enough to compromise the information provided. Resolution is a critical factor in assessing diagnostic images from other centres to be read by radiologists
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Step 5: If found the pixel y and the gradient direction of dy at the pixel y is roughly opposite to dx (dy [member of] (-dx - [pi]/6, - dx + [pi]/6)), the all pixels of the straight line which connects pixel x and pixely are set the stroke width [parallel] x - y [parallel] unless it already has a lower value (Figure 1(b));
In his famous speech titled The Regeneration of Africa, which he delivered at the Royal African Society in London in 1906, one of the foremost pan-Africanists, Pixely Isaka Ka Seine, envisioned a new Africa that like the phoenix, will rise from the ashes of its dark past and soar high above its peers in other parts of the world.
The inclusion of photographs from W1 is an unanticipated bonus, and although the monochrome reproductions are rather "pixely" and therefore slightly fuzzy, they are still easily legible and provide a wonderful complement to the publication.
Research has documented how men and women minimise their unequal contributions by arguing that the partner who does more has higher standards or is more available to do domestic labour; through emphasising mutual participation; or by trivialising housework and seeing it as unimportant (Bittman and Lovejoy 1993, Bittman and Pixely 1997, Brannen and Moss 1991, Hochschild 1989).
Bittman and Lovejoy (1993) and Bittman and Pixely (1997) have argued that the disjunction between the conformity to egalitarian attitudes and inequitable practices is an example of `pseudomutuality'.