Pituitary Incidentaloma

A term of art referring to an asymptomatic prolactinoma discovered during a workup for other conditions
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Considering the high frequency of pituitary incidentalomas in the general population, up to 14-22% in radiological and autopsy studies [2], it is difficult to establish whether these lesions would behave differently from sporadic incidentalomas [18].
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Surgical treatment of a pituitary incidentaloma is recommended when the lesion is causing a visual field deficit or other visual abnormalities, such as ophthalmoplegia "or neurological compromise," according to evidence-based clinical practice guidelines that were published by the Endocrine Society.
A pituitary incidentaloma is defined as "a previously unsuspected pituitary lesion that is discovered on an imaging study performed for an unrelated reason." That does not include a symptom such as visual loss that is related to the lesion, "but rather [a study done] for the evaluation of symptoms such as headache, or other head or neck neurological or CNS complaints or head trauma."
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