Pitot tube

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Pi·tot tube

a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream, with its opening upstream, and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement at that point in terms of the pressure developed in the tube by the fluid impinging on it, compared to a second tube opening laterally or downstream.
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Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771.
Pitot tube - a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement.
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When we fed those data to our computer system, it detected that the pitot tubes had failed, and estimated the plane's real airspeed within five seconds.
The first failure was the autopilot which disengaged when it sensed the blocked pitot tubes no longer feeding valid airspeed information.
Pilots and co-pilots, aircraft pitot tubes are sensors used to measure aircraft speed.
The energy costs were then calculated based on the running time being the same as the previous Pitot Tube pumps ie 48 weeks pa and 24/7 utilisation.
The coefficients 'a' and 'b' were determined by a least squares curve fit, based on Pitot tube pressure loss data obtained in the absence of the support frame.
His fault investigation yielded the possibility of malicious interference as the pitot tube appears to have been blocked with glue.
Afterwards working fluid with a certain kinetic energy is passed into Pitot tube 3 and through it into the central part of the impeller with the following pass into the external net.
The high-speed sampling and symmetrical design of the averaging pitot tube provides the EFM-HS with the ability to accurately measure reverse flow due to engine pulsations and to properly account for this phenomenon in the average flow rate determination, the company said.
This was carried out in a high-speed wind tunnel using the Pitot tube measurement technique.
It can do draft and differential pressure measurement, measures gas velocity with a Pitot tube, and can measure smoke, as well.
Fortum contacted Solartron Mobrey who visited the site and recommended averaging pitot tube technology