Pitot tube

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Pi·tot tube

a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream, with its opening upstream, and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement at that point in terms of the pressure developed in the tube by the fluid impinging on it, compared to a second tube opening laterally or downstream.


Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771.
Pitot tube - a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement.
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This was essential to establishing an average flow velocity, since pitot probe technology is particularly sensitive to upstream flow disturbances.
In granting Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for the Aero-Instruments 0851HL-AI Pitot Probe, the FAA concluded that the part meets or exceeds the agreed upon certification plan, which was based on the requirements of TSO C-16A, including the anti-icing requirements outlined in SAE AS393, AS8006, and BS2G.
The Aero-Instruments' 0851HL-AI Pitot Probe can now be installed on the more than 4,500 Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340 series airplanes in operation worldwide.
Aero-Instruments said yesterday that it secured FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval for its 0851HL-AI Pitot Probe, which it claimed can replace Thales pitot probes on Airbus aircraft.
Analysis indicated that this was linked with pitot probe icing.
The BEA says the pilots were thrown off when the Pitot probes that measure airspeed became clogged with ice crystals and disconnected the autopilot.
Improbable factors attributed to the accident include the icing of the Pitot probes which led to the disconnection of the autopilot, the loss of associated pilot control protections and considerable roll movements followed by the stalling of the aircraft at high altitude which could not be recovered and then the aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at high speed.
Also, Airbus recently recommended the replacement of pitot probes [speed measuring sensors] in two hundred A30 and A40 airplanes and yet, no countries rose up in outrage.
New standards for pitot probes are expected to emerge from a working group being founded in the wake of June's fatal loss of an Air France Airbus A330 over the south Atlantic.