Pitot tube

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Pi·tot tube

a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream, with its opening upstream, and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement at that point in terms of the pressure developed in the tube by the fluid impinging on it, compared to a second tube opening laterally or downstream.


Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771.
Pitot tube - a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement.
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These conditions can affect multiple or all pitot probes installed on an aircraft and can lead to unreliable airspeed measurements.
The point pitot probe experiments indicated excellent agreement with the predicted fully developed flow profile of Nikuradse's Log-Law equation.
Ohio-based Aero-Instruments has received US FAA parts manufacturer approval (PMA) to market retrofit pitot probes for a large variety of Airbus aircraft, giving operators another provider to choose from along with Thales and Goodrich for the devices.
The directive, which is at the proposal stage, says that all Airbus A330s and A340s fitted with pitot probes made by French firm Thales must be fitted with at least two probes from the US manufacturer Goodrich, allowing a maximum of one Thales probe to remain fitted to the aircraft.
On post-flight inspection, it was discovered both the AOA and pitot probes on the right side were severely bent.
NYSE: UTX), has announced at the National Business Aviation Association's annual exhibition that it has been selected by Textron Aviation to provide air data Pitot probes and support services for the new super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude program.
Operators of Airbus A330s and A340s will have a four-month window to replace Thales Avionics pitot probes once Europe's safety regulator firms up the proposal for an airworthiness directive it published last week.
The airline ordered replacement of the pitot probes across its Airbus fleet with the newest generation sensors.