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Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771. See: Pitot tube.
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He nicked himself for turning the pitot heat off too soon once initially entering VMC, because losing the airspeed indicator caused "losing focus at a very bad time.
To clean and maintain your pitot static system, check out Chapter 4 of TM 1-1500-20423-4.
The energy costs were then calculated based on the running time being the same as the previous Pitot Tube pumps ie 48 weeks pa and 24/7 utilisation.
The coefficients 'a' and 'b' were determined by a least squares curve fit, based on Pitot tube pressure loss data obtained in the absence of the support frame.
His fault investigation yielded the possibility of malicious interference as the pitot tube appears to have been blocked with glue.
At this point, pitot tubes, instruments which tell how fast the plane is moving, have apparently frozen and not working.
The data also showed that ice crystals caused by the bad weather had clogged up the pitot tube, an instru-ment used to measure airspeed, the expert told Der Spiegel.
In the ensuing investigation, it was found that the plane's pitot tubes had iced over when the plane flew into a storm.
On the basis of the limited available information from the recent Air France crash, Airbus is now recommending the replacement of some A330/A340 pitot tubes from Thales by similar airspeed sensors made by Goodrich.
Investigators have focused on the possibility that the external speed sensors on the A330, known as pitot tubes, iced over and gave false readings to the plane's computers as it ran into a thunderstorm off the coast of Brazil.
But investigators said potentially faulty pitot tubes were "a factor but not the cause" of the crash.