Pitch Doctor

The central player in the travelling medicine shows of the late 1800s in the American West, who huckstered patent medicines. Most pitch doctors had the mien of circus ringmaster and no medical education
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Fellow director Jack Bayliss is the club's renowned 'pitch doctor' who has spent long hours over the years getting the old grass surface into a playable state.
He said besides a pitch doctor, the tournament clinic has three doctors and four nurses at any given point of time.
He said players should warm up adequately before a game and follow the pitch doctor's advice in case of an injury.
The 2005 Ashes-winning captain brought a team of helpers including an expert pitch doctor, and English Cricket Board pitch consultant to refurbish the club's facilities as part of their prize.
Former England rugby star Will Greenwood, 'pitch doctor' Paul Boross and Welsh legend Scott Quinnell <Bhost School of Hard Knocks
Newcastle have called in pitch doctor Nigel Felton, the former Northamptonshire cricketer, to try and rescue Sunday's clash with Harlequins.
But it was no coincidence that Harry Brind, the English Cricket Board's pitch doctor, was at Old Trafford on Tuesday.
The Conference side were forced to draft in specialist pitch doctors to try to make sure the surface is playable for the televised third round clash.
But the pitch doctors SIS seem to have turned out the quality of pitch they have previously laid at stadiums like the Stade de France, the Millennium Stadium and the Amsterdam ArenA.
Sharma' statement comes after ICC on Saturday launched an investigation into the July 2017 Test match between India and Sri Lanka after a sting operation done by Al Jazeera claimed that the match was played on a pitch doctored at the behest match-fixers.