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(pis'ēz, pī'sēz),
A superclass of vertebrates, generally known as fish; the term is sometimes confined to the bony fishes.
[L. pl. of piscis, a fish]
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Think Piscean and you must think of the sea and floaty materials, which for the men is often represented by linen trousers or even flares.
Pisceans who fall in love, especially in late July, will feel so sure that this is the real deal.
Lisa Jeynes, Big Brother 4 star, Star sign Pisces: 'I'm a typical piscean, but I wouldn't be seen dead in a Peugeot.
Librans keep their cool in jams while Pisceans are the most tolerant of other drivers' speeding.
It also found that when it comes to motoring, Pisceans are patient,Taureans are tolerant and those born under Leo get livid.
Scorpios go for humour while Pisceans opt for tradition.
Yesterday, LynneEwart predicted hopes for a relationship would be fulfilled for Pisceans such as Brown.
Often gifted writers, photographers, poets and lovers of tranquillity, the sea and places where water flows, Pisceans enjoy alternating quiet times with busy family-and-friends weekends.
So Pisceans have probably had a few blessings around them of late, despite the chaos and 2011 begins with a wish fulfilled, or perhaps a breakthrough that makes life sweeter than you dared imagine.
One of the three water signs, Pisceans tend to operate on an intuitive, sensitive level.