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(pis'ēz, pī'sēz),
A superclass of vertebrates, generally known as fish; the term is sometimes confined to the bony fishes.
[L. pl. of piscis, a fish]
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Pisceans get obsessive about clothes and if you choose a new fashion you will throw out everything you ever had that represents your old style.
Tom Keddy, trainer of Piscean (pictured) "He is well in at the weights and I've been thinking of running him over a mile at Lingfield.
Your journey to lasting love might need you to revisit the past, as with Chiron in Pisces alongside your own ruler Neptune, emotions from years ago have been surfacing, especially for February's Pisceans.
CONSISTENT Piscean, right, is worth a look at Kempton
Signs good for Piscean After more than three months on the easy list, Tom Keddy's Piscean sprang a 20-1 shock in the 6f handicap, coming out on top in a three-way driving finish with Woolfall Sovereign and Sulis Minerva.
He was unable to reel in Piscean but on this showing he can win something similar despite being high enough in the ratings.
VICTORY at Lingfield tomorrow looks written in the stars for Piscean.
Meanwhile, victory at Lingfield looks written in the stars for Piscean.
Piscean should complete a hattrick in the wolverhamptonracecourse.
THIS week's birthday star is Piscean Michael Caine, born on March 14, 1933, with youthful Gemini rising, and with his Mercury in adventurous Aries.
The Piscean symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions.
The discoveries behind this ``highway horoscope'' reveal that there is something fishy about Piscean drivers as they are more than 40% more likely to get their fleet managers into seriously deep water than the average driver.