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(10) In the 1910s the First World War and the death of Gaudier Brzeska determined for Pound the reasons of his poetry and of The Cantos then in fieri: these reasons can be syncretized in a vorticist sense with these lines from the Pisan Cantos (Canto 78), where Pound is quoting the Spring and Autumn Annals, that he attributed to Confucius:
Pound's work in every particular can be seen to conform to Said's identification of (and also with) "artistic lateness not as harmony and resolution, but as intransigence, difficulty and contradiction." (2) What one finds in Pound's Pisan Cantos is a lively, jumpy, distracted, and febrile surface that, canto after canto, tries to close calmly, to reconcile, to make interior peace, but in almost every case returns immediately to the plethora of stimuli, the jostling between the real world and active memories.
In other words, she practices a form of collecting and reframing that may be aligned in some ways with practices that stretch from Christine de Pisan to the Norton anthologies.
From the late ninth century, Pisan vessels had been raiding North Africa and defending the South.
Admirers of compressed lyrics like "The Sick Rose" or "In a Station of the Metro" are not at liberty to imagine that genre-defying epics like Jerusalem and The Pisan Cantos are simply in need of a strict editor.
The majority of Pound's references to Noh drama occur in The Pisan Cantos (LXXIV-LXXXIV), which appeared in 1948.
Maria la Fossa are mentioned other Pisans who were interested in this area: "petia terre, quam laborat Petrus Pisanus, filius domini Nicolai Pisani", "heres Pisanorum", "terra Pisanorum", "terra Stabilis Pisani".
1r of London, British Library, MS Harley 4431, a manuscript containing several works by Christine de Pisan and supposed to be written by Christine herself.
Among her specific topics are Aquinas on public and private violence, Christian de Pisan representing the lay tradition, Marlow and all, just war in contemporary tracts and manuals, Shakespeare on beginnings and declarations of war and honor and cowardice, the falsification of the cause belli, and God's hand and the empire.
The PYMI Industrial Park San Cristobal (PISAN) and the three technological centers and childcare centers included in the complex were built on the site of the old Glass Factory (Favidrio) at a cost of RD$132 million.
Klanac used excerpts from medieval French poet Christine de Pisan, said to be Europe's first professional writer.