Nikolai I., Russian surgeon, 1810-1881. See: Pirogoff amputation, Pirogoff angle, Pirogoff aponeurosis, Pirogoff triangle.
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Well, I can assure you it was entirely on my account that Pirogoff telegraphed to Paris, and left Sebastopol at the greatest risk during the siege.
Illustrations in that study clearly indicated that the needle was intended to enter what we now call BCV, although Yoffa used the older nomenclature of 'subclavian' and 'Pirogoff's confluence'.
Despite variation in nomenclature, the important distinction from other central venous approaches is that the catheter lies predominately within BCV, even if it enters through the distal portion of the subclavian vein into Pirogoff's confluence.
This approach offers a longitudinal view of intrathoracic segment of the SCV reaching (via the innominate vein on left side) the IJV at the level of the Pirogoff confluent.
Amputation Level Distal or Minor Amputation Proximal or Major Amputation Fore foot Toe Disarticulation Ray Transmetatarsal Mid foot Lis franc Chopart Syme Hind foot Boyd Pirogoff Modified Pirogoff Transtibial Below the knee Through the knee Gritti stokes Transfemoral Above the knee Hip Hip disarticulation METHODS AND METHODOLOGY
Pirogoff taught and used ether anaesthesia on active service with the Russian forces in the Caucasus in the summer of 1847.