Debre, Robert

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Robert, French pediatrician and bacteriologist, 1882-1978.
Debré phenomenon - in measles, the failure of the rash to develop at the site of immune serum injection.
Debré-De Toni-Fanconi syndrome - Synonym(s): Fanconi syndrome (2)
Debré-Fibiger syndrome - pyloric pseudospasm causing vomiting and dehydration and which can lead to death. Synonym(s): Fibiger-Debré-von Gierke syndrome; Pirie syndrome
Debré-Marie syndrome - (1) infectious edematous polyneuropathy; - (2) dwarfism and underdevelopment of sexual organs.
Debré-Semelaigne syndrome - Synonym(s): Kocher-Debré-Semelaigne syndrome
Fibiger-Debré-von Gierke syndrome - Synonym(s): Debré-Fibiger syndrome
Kocher-Debré-Semelaigne syndrome - see under Kocher
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