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1. a compound from which are derived phenothiazine antipsychotics such as thioridazine hydrochloride and mesoridazine besylate.
2. One of a class of alkaloids containing a piperidine (1) moiety.
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The dimensional pharmacological and biological characteristics have drawn the attraction of researchers towards Piperidine to work on it's antimalarial response and for this purpose different strong piperidine derivatives were developed and were targeted against Plasmodium falciparum, responsible for producing severe life- threatening malaria [2-5].
Being an alkaloid and secondary metabolite piperidine has also proved active against mosquito larva.
Consequently piperidine analogues exhibited many therapeutic activities after altering its chemical structure, most of which were found to possess analgesic, hypotensive and anticancer activity due to the conformational flexibility of the molecule [30, 31].
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In the first experiments, the team exposed the pathogen's threadlike growth form, called "mycelium," to various piperideine or piperidine concentrations and monitored the effect on the colony size of P.
In petri dish experiments, more than 90 percent of sporangia failed to germinate when exposed to piperideine or piperidine concentrations of 51.
In their experiments, the researchers used sophisticated extraction techniques to obtain purified amounts of piperdeine and piperidine from the venom glands of both red and black imported fire ants.