Piper longum

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Piper longum,

n See pepper, long.
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Fruits and seeds of Myristica fragrans, seeds of Nigella sativa, fruits and seeds of Piper longum, leaves of Vitex negundo, and rhizomes of Zingiber officinale were collected from local herbal stores in Savar, Dhaka or from the medicinal plant garden at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Bangladesh.
The species Piper nigrum, Piper aduncum and Piper longum, may be a feasible alternative source of larvicidal metabolites to control dengue mosquitoes.
Efficacy of Piper longum in Childhood Asthma," Indian Drugs 21, 384-388 (1984).
Most of the extracts were devoid of significant toxicity after 4 h of exposure, the most potent being Piper longum with 50% mortality at 100 [micro]g/mL.
In vivo and in vitro antiasthmatic studies of plant Piper longum Linn.
Inhibitory effect of ethanol extract of Piper longum L on rabbit platelet aggregation through antagonizing thromboxane A2 receptor.
Latha et al (16) reported Piper longum and Zingiber wightianum extracts at 80 mg/l causing complete mortality in Cx.
Piper longum is a component of Indian traditional medicine reported to be used as a remedy for treating gonorrhea, menstrual pain, tuberculosis, sleeping problems, respiratory tract infection, chronic gut-related pain and arthritic conditions (Ghoshal et al.