Piper Nigrum

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A woody vine native to Asia, rich in piperine and piperidine; BP’s dried unripe fruit is used in Chinese herbal medicine as a GItonic, and for constipation, food poisoning, obesity, sinusitis, and vomiting; it has been used in western herbal medicine as a cardiostimulant and to enhance renal function
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Standardization of soil-less nursery mixture for black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) multiplication using plug-trays.
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Essential oils were tested separately and after mixing were performed at equal concentrations, in 1 : 1 proportions (50% Citrus limonum and 50% Piper nigrum).
Plants such as Allium sativum, Piper nigrum, Nymphaea alba, Cinnamomum verum, and their formulations are very useful for the treatment of CHD.
For treatment of menstrual pain, Polygonum hydropiper was used with Piper nigrum. The antinociceptive activity of Polygonum hydropiper has been reported [56].
Piper nigrum, a plant of the Piperaceae is very remarkable because of the presence of the alkaloid piperine.