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E.B., U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, 1881-1935. See: Piper forceps.


Black pepper, the dried unripe fruit of Piper nigrum (family Piperaceae), a climbing plant of the East Indies; used as a condiment, diaphoretic, stimulant, and carminative, and locally as a counterirritant.
[L. pepper]


(pī′pĕr) [L.]
Genus of plants that produce pepper. The species Piper nigrum is a flowering vine that produces black pepper.
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Genius', (1) `inspirer,' `initiator', `great original', `foundation of ideas', `enormous influence', `great teacher' -- praise from among others, Osbert Lancaster, John Betjeman, John Piper, John Gloag, Hugh Casson, Ian McCallum, Reyner Banham, Nikolaus Pevsner and James Richards.
The exhibition will show original sketches, models and design studies by Sir Jacob Epstein, Graham Sutherland, John Piper, John Hutton, Geoffrey Clarke, Elisabeth Frink and many more, including many pieces of work which have never before been seen in public.
Artists such as Kyffin Williams, Ceri Richards, Leslie Moore, John Piper, John Knapp Fisher to name just a few.