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pipe cleaner,

n a small, brushlike device used to clean the spaces between the teeth (used also for other purposes). It should not be inserted all the way between the teeth, but rather just far enough to massage the tissue and remove any plaque.
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Poke the end of the pipecleaner through the centre of the coffee filter, roll about an inch of the pipecleaner end into a tight ball so the coffee filter won't fall off the pipecleaner and scrunch the coffee filter around the end of the pipecleaner.
Then, wrap the short piece of pipecleaner you cut off earlier around the coffee filter/pipecleaner to hold them together Spring sunflower bouquet You will need: Small plain paper plate Paper towel tube Green and yellow paper (a few sheets) Scissors Pencil Tape Glue Stapler Sunflower seeds (a small handful) Method: Use glue or tape to wrap a piece of green construction paper around a paper towel tube - this makes the stem.
Twist the pipecleaner ends together below the, head and down one inch.
To make legs, fold each pipecleaner end up so it meets the bottom of the torso ,and twist.
To make arms, bend the second pipecleaner in half and wrap it around the neck of the buttonhead, twisting once in the front.
The Quo star then began to put objects through what was left of his septum, including pipecleaners and pens.
Crouch, perched on legs as thick as pipecleaners, may look anything but a typical marauding thick-thighed English bulldog of a centre-forward but he can be effective.
What I hadn't seen was twisted tracks which had been ripped like pipecleaners from the ground, carrying the train and all its passengers towards the swamp land.
In addition to its classic quality metal range, it also makes modern plastic lighters, a disposable range and related products such as flints, lighter fuels and pipecleaners.
A simple stick figure made from pipecleaners with clay feet, in a size proportional to your animation set, is easy to construct and can demonstrate the process for students.
Begin with the basics such as scissors, construction paper, glue stick, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencils, ruler erasers and sharpeners, and add extras like pipecleaners, clay, colored wire, glitter, watercolors, etc.