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pipe cleaner,

n a small, brushlike device used to clean the spaces between the teeth (used also for other purposes). It should not be inserted all the way between the teeth, but rather just far enough to massage the tissue and remove any plaque.
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Cut a piece of pipe cleaner of the same length and insert it in the finished knitted tube, stitching it shut with matching thread, and attaching it to the puppet's body.
Draw eyes, mouth and buttons with the felt tip and finally cut a small length of pipe cleaner (preferably orange) to form a carrot nose.
You will need: Polystyrene ball Toilet roll 4 corks 1 orange and 1 black pipe cleaner Orange and black paint Wiggle eyes Orange craft foam Black button Black ribbon Glue To make: Glue the ball on to the top of the toilet roll tube.
The children began work on their sculptures, poking and prodding pipe cleaners, wire, and toothpicks into the Styrofoam's surface, as I moved from table to table, demonstrating how to wind wire and pipe cleaners around a dowel, finger or paintbrush handle.
Team Destiny's spacecraft was insulated with bubble wrap and had pipe cleaners supporting a bubble wrap parachute.
Draw eyes and a smile onto the peg and if you like, use strong glue or a glue gun to stick on little pipe cleaner feelers.
rigatoni or penne, large shapes are best for the littlest hands) Poster paints and brush White craft glue Glitter Sequins, buttons Silver pipe cleaners Thick cord, string or ribbon Sticky tape WHAT To do: Lay out pasta shapes on newspaper, paint them a variety of colours and allow to dry.
Ask students, "Why do so many of the pipe cleaners have such similar shapes?
Decorate your basket with ribbon, colored markers, stickers, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and so on.
Or turn your eggs into farm animals by using pipe cleaners, felt and pom-poms to make legs, tails and ears.
You can just picture those pipe cleaners he calls legs sticking two feet out the end, it'll have wrecked him.
Wrap four pipe cleaners around the pom poms or bundled fabric scraps.