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pipe cleaner,

n a small, brushlike device used to clean the spaces between the teeth (used also for other purposes). It should not be inserted all the way between the teeth, but rather just far enough to massage the tissue and remove any plaque.
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MATERIALS * Paperboard or cardboard * Tempera paint and brushes * Liquid school glue, hot glue gun * Miscellaneous small found objects, such as bottle caps, buttons, cotton swabs, fabric scraps, feathers, graphite or colored-pencil nubs, pipe cleaners, pompons, sequins, sticks, tissue paper, toothpicks, yarn, etc.
The cup had bubble wrap on the bottom and pipe cleaners on top supporting a paper parachute.
WHAT you'll nEEd: Two paper plates Hole punch Paint or coloured felt-tip pens Glitter, stickers Craft glue Five large jingle bells Pipe cleaners or twist ties WHAT To do: Place the plates on top of each other and punch five holes, at regular intervals, around the rim of the plates.
The entire pipe cleaner model (containing both pencil binding and handle domains) can be considered analogous to a tertiary structure.
Fold out the ends of the pipe cleaners so that they stick out straight.
Take two pipe cleaners and twist them together to make the arms.
Children can create five adorable shaggy puppies using bending pipe cleaners and the thoroughly 'kid friendly' instructions they will find in "Fuzzimal Puppies", a recreational 'how to' book co-authored by Theresa Hutnik and Megan Smith.
Well, if you discount the bloke who designed all those clever objects on Blue Peter, using pipe cleaners and double-sided sticky tape.
Of special interest is the crafting notes for adults and for children, the introduction to a kosher kitchen, and the photographically illustrated 'Product Guide' for basic items from pompoms to pipe cleaners, to paint markers, to micro beads.
Place a bag of pipe cleaners, a bag of Popsicle sticks, a box of hex nuts or a tub of clay, and a card with the following instructions at the station:
It will not happen overnight, but if you do have any lignters, matches, cigarette cases, boxes, pipes, ashtrays, cigar cutters, even pipe cleaners, unusual packaging or packets, save them.
It's packed with pipe cleaners, pom poms, sequins, feathers, glitter glues, coloured sticks and goggle eyes.