Piophila casei

Pi·oph·i·la ca·se·i

(pī-of'i-lă kā'sē-ī),
The cheese fly, a species of muscoid flies the eggs of which are deposited on exposed cheese, cured meats, and other foods and are thus ingested, sometimes giving rise to temporary intestinal myiasis, with diarrhea, colicky pains, and vomiting.
[L., fr. G. piōn, fat, + philos, fond; L. caseus, cheese]
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In the fresh stage of carcass decomposition, Lucilia sericata, Chrysomya albiceps, Musca domestica, Muscina stabulans, Sarcophaga africa, Anthomyia pluvialis, Piophila casei and several Sarcophagidae were collected.
Then, beyond the 7th day, Piophila casei dominated the scene until the 15th.Musina stabulans Anthomya pluvialis, Sarcophaga africa and the other recognized Diptera contribute slightly.
We collected important Diptera's species such as Lucilia sericata, Chrysomya albiceps, Musca domestica, Antomiya pluvialis, Sarcophage africa and Piophila casei which can be useful indicators of each specific decomposition stage of fwild boar and human cases as well.
1 Diptera Calliphoridae Lucilia coeruleiviridis 1 Diptera Piophilidae Piophila casei 2 Diptera Sepsidae Sepsis spp.
Piophila casei can feed on a variety of substrates such as stored food, which explains their abundance in metropolitan areas (Martin-Vega 2011).