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A proprietary (Haw Par Healthcare, Singapore) herbal ointment applied topically for various conditions—e.g., burns, bruises, and rheumatic complaints
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During the primary race, Yeh suggested that the zhuyin system serves no practical purpose, and that young learners in Taiwan would be better served if basic phonics were taught using the pinyin system instead, arguing that early practice with the Latin alphabet would serve the dual purpose of prepping them to study foreign languages which use the alphabet later on.
In Australia, Pinyin also enjoys status as the system of Romanisation of Chinese, used in the Australian Curriculum: Languages.
The paragraph first notes that "In the first series, the character [phrase omitted] is the shared phonetic component," and then immediately launches into a discussion of pinyin spelling, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and the concept of "place of articulation.
Ademas, las autoras tampoco recomiendan la transcripcion del pinyin cuando esta de lugar a secuencias fonicas ajenas al espanol, recomendacion que se extiende a la formacion de derivados, por ejemplo, gentilicios.
Again, the detailed delivery of subject names is one of the work's greatest strengths, and the Name Index capitalizes upon this strength by allowing profile names to be searched alphabetically using pinyin, indigenous dialects or languages, and Chinese characters.
Chinese Pinyin English [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Bahe Bach [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Mozhate Mozart [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Beiduofen Beethoven Table 3: Composer's names transcribed into Chinese.
Each entry gives both simplified and traditional characters; English translation and equivalents; two examples written in Chinese, Pinyin, and English; and explanations and usage notes.
Master the onsets, rhymes and tones in pinyin; be able to read syllables correctly and recognize upper case letters; remember the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet;
Qiaodan A has since filed for more than 100 trademarks related to Jordan, including the names of his sons, Jeffrey, Jordan and Marcus Jordan, in both Chinese characters and pinyin, which is a way of writing Chinese words using western letters.
Mohamed Ibrahim Sultan, Abdulla Hussain Turkey, Adel Ahmed Al Majid and Khalid Ali Al Youha attended the 10-week course to develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using both the Pinyin phonetic system and simplified Chinese characters.
This book has Chinese characters, Pinyin, English translation, Roman Urdu, Urdu pronunciation and translation, in addition to rich vocabulary and specific needs based lessons.