Tiger Balm

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A proprietary (Haw Par Healthcare, Singapore) herbal ointment applied topically for various conditions—e.g., burns, bruises, and rheumatic complaints
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Access to their story library allows you to read illustrated stories for all levels of Mandarin, toggle Pinyin on and off, easily access English translations, and listen to fluent Mandarin audio.
Although the comparison of specific objectives stated in the two syllabi reveals that pupils in the new century are required to learn more about Pinyin and characters, a more significant change in the 2000 syllabus is the far greater emphasis on language use through silent reading, talking, and thinking.
They can now identify the sounds and tones of Chinese Mandarin in the Pinyin system and recognise around 500 words which introduce the social and cultural background of the Chinese language.
Work with students on developing their reflective abilities, in selfassessment and self-evaluation of their own progress in speaking, reading and writing Chinese, including Hanzi and Pinyin, as well as their understanding and use of appropriate body language.
Meanwhile, the company has filed applications for trademarks consisting of Jordan's sons' names, Jeffrey and Marcus, in Chinese characters and the associated pinyin Romanization.
He uses the Pinyin rather than the out-of-date but more commonly known Wade Giles renderings of Chinese place names--distracting for several locations, as the Wade Giles and Pinyin terms are not at all alike.
When the Chinese characters are provided, it does not matter whether the author uses pinyin or the Wade-Giles spelling.
As part of his exploration of the diversity of scripts, Stephen visits Mr Zhou, inventor of the Chinese writing system Pinyin.
First of all, using plentiful pinyin (1) words to inform readers of specific cultural terms, though with explanations following after, may create confusion.
When the friend asked her whether she was at home, Xia wrote in Pinyin, the Chinese transliteration system, saying: "Yes.
The product has simplified Chinese language support, handwriting recognition, PinYin input and Chinese TTS.