Pinwheel Pattern

A low-power light microscopic pattern in which short fascicles of fibroblast-like or endothelial-like cells radiate from a central point bearing a vessel, as seen in sclerosing hemangioma
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Bev's pretty pinwheel pattern was sewn up in Indah Hand-Dyed Batiks by Hoffman.
Garden Terraces are attached housing arranged in a pinwheel pattern.
Chimeras" have two colours arranged in a pinwheel pattern.
Carnivale mixes a pinwheel pattern with varied-width stripes, pin dots and circles in a Mardi Gras group of bright greens, red, orange and purple; sherbet tones of soft pinks and purples; and another of subdued browns and taupe.
It was called the pinwheel pattern, and was pattern number 5336.
Near the entrance of the museum was Duality (all works 2004), a large wall painting in which the heads of five turbaned men touch at the center of a pinwheel pattern.
Using a small, sharp knife, score a pinwheel pattern on top of each pastry, making sure not to cut all the way through, and stopping short of the outside edge.
Instead, he and his collaborators assert, another type of wave--a sound wave--is the most likely source of the core's pinwheel pattern.
Slices of the cooked meat have a pinwheel pattern, with Swiss cheese and Italian sausage links in the center.
Like iron filings sprinkled around a bar magnet, the radio waves reveal the pinwheel pattern of the interplanetary field.